Port Information Leaflets

To assist our Constituent members and ports in complying with the below Maritime Labour Convention 2006 guideline, the Board produces Port Information Leaflets for selected UK and Gibraltar ports.

‘Information should be disseminated among seafarers concerning facilities open to the general public in ports of call, particularly transport, welfare, entertainment and educational facilities and places of worship, as well as facilities provided specifically for seafarers’.

These leaflets are created with the help of the maritime community via Port Welfare Committees and are designed specifically for seafarers visiting busy UK ports. The project has already gained the support of many port authorities such as:

Associated British Ports
Forth Ports
Aberdeen Harbour Board
Bristol Port Company

The leaflets are produced via Port Welfare Committees in collaboration with the societies, the respective port authorities and PWC member organisations.

Leaflets are considered for accuracy and amendment on an annual basis and reprinted as and when deemed necessary. A number of leaflets are now on their 2nd or 3rd edition.

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