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As a charity, and the umbrella body for the maritime welfare charities, we rely on public donations to help us to fulfil our mission.

When you consider that seafarers typically spend 9 months of the year away from family and friends so that we can enjoy the food and goods that they deliver, it seems appropriate that we support them when they visit our ports.

Many of our projects directly benefit seafarers, fishers and their families. The MiFi project provides internet access to visiting seafarers so that they can stay connected with the loved ones while they are away from home.

Our caseworking service ensures that those in desperate need get swift access to financial support.

The port information leaflets we provide inform seafarers and fishers how they can access welfare services, facilities and transport while in ports.

If you want to be part of our story, please consider a regular gift.

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Leave a legacy in your will

A legacy in your will is an easy and very efficient way to support a charity and it really does make a difference to us and to the seafarers we support. So please consider the Merchant Navy Welfare Board when you are putting your affairs in order.

Any legacy we receive will be used to improve the welfare of those serving and retired seafarers and fishers, and their dependents, in need of help. Your donation will be used within the financial year it was received and make a real difference to peoples lives.

You don’t have to be wealthy to leave a legacy

Most people presume that leaving a legacy has to be a large substantial sum and so is only for the wealthy but in practise that isn’t the case. After you have made suitable provision for your family and friends, any legacy you are able to leave supports the work of the MNWB and our Constituent charities. Your kind support no matter how large or small will make a big difference. Also since a great many find that in their later years it can become quite difficult to make regular charitiable donations, a legacy is an excellent way to still play your part without affecting normal day-to-day living.

If you would like more information or you want to let us know that you have included the MNWB in your will please contact us.

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