How We Help

a group of five ship's crew members including the captain stood in front a large piece of equipment, smiling and holding SIM cards provided by Vodafone.
The work of MNWB

Supporting, funding and engaging with our constituent members

As a highly respected, secular organisation, the MNWB uses its unique independent position to coordinate numerous working groups and influence the welfare sector. The Board has over 40 Constituent member charities and maintains sixteen Port Welfare Committees covering all UK ports and Gibraltar, organises maritime charity conferences, working groups and also provides support for the Falkland Islands.

We create and manage a range of seafarers’ welfare training courses and projects that support our constituent members. These projects range from a welfare Vehicle Replacement Programme and the UK Port Welfare MiFi Partnership Project, which is jointly funded by the Department for Transport, MNWB and The Seafarers’ Charity, to a SIM card project for Ukrainian seafarers to call loved ones during the war and our newly-launched Port Welfare Provision Project.