Port Welfare Committees

The Port Welfare Committees (PWCs) and Seafarers’ Welfare Board (SWB) are an essential and integral part of the Board’s work. The contribution made by members allows the Board to better understand the issues that affect seafarers locally, nationally and internationally.

The purpose of each Committee is to act as an information, communication and networking channel between local members and the Board.

Fifteen PWCs cover the entire coastline of the United Kingdom whilst a SWB covers the Port of Gibraltar. Each Committee comprises representatives from organisations concerned with the welfare of seafarer’s visiting their ports and the local seafaring community.

Members include:

  • Government Agencies
  • Maritime Charities
  • Maritime Trade Unions
  • Port Authorities
  • Port Health Authorities
  • Ship Owners (commonly represented by the shipping agents)

Each Committee has three general meetings per year, one of which is combined with an AGM. The AGM is an opportunity to confirm membership, explore opportunities for inviting new members and elect, or, re-elect the Chair and Vice Chair.

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