MNWB Grants



11 grants were provided to 10 organisations to support capital projects for serving and retired seafarers and fishers. MNWB also partnered with 7 other funders in 2022 to provide projects such as SIM cards for Ukrainian Seafarers, Vehicle Replacement Programme, MiFi Project and Port Visitor.



The greatest reach in 2022 was to serving seafarers, who benefitted from grants to individual organisations as well as partnership projects funded by MNWB and other funding partners.



Fishers continue to benefit from the MNWB grants programme, with The Fishermen’s Mission and Stella Maris having the greatest focus in this area.



Grants to accommodation providers have had a significant impact in 2022, with support given to Care Ashore, QVSR, Merchant Navy Association  and Nautilus Welfare Fund.

Our Impact in 2022

MNWB’s main priority is to provide support services to its Constituents, PWCs and working groups, and its secondary priority is to provide capital grants. The amount made available for grants annually is based on the overall return from the investment portfolio after deducting revenue costs and services to Constituents. Under the Small Grants Programme, the Chair and Chief Executive are authorised to allocate individual grants of up to £5,000 throughout the year, up to a total annual limit of £50,000. In 2022, an overall sum of £160,795 was awarded in capital grants and £103,100 to jointly funded projects.
MNWB grants awarded in 2022 are as follows:

Care Ashore – Disabled flat refurbishment & accessible doors
Grant awarded £27,090.00

The Fishermen’s Mission – The Troon Refurbishment Project
Grant awarded £33,360.00

QVSR – Renovation of front facia of the QVSR building & communal garden
Grant awarded £40,000.00

Stella Maris – Lone Working Devices for ship visiting
Grant awarded £30,570.00

Grimsby Cleethorpes Sea Cadets Corps – Fully integrated fire alarm system upgrade
Grant awarded £7,755.60

Merchant Navy Association – Merchant Navy Day Commemorative Service and Reunion
Grant awarded £500.00

Aberdeen Seafarers’ Centre – Preparation of premises for new seafarers’ centre
Grant awarded £4,960.00

Nautilus Welfare Fund – Replacement Supporting People grant for Community Alarm and Response service
Grant awarded £5,000.00

Stella Maris – Fawley Seafarers’ Centre new sofa
Grant awarded £1,559.20

Mission to Seafarers – North Tees & Hartlepool – Air conditioning system
Grant awarded £5,000.00

PWC Promotion & Emergency Fund
Grant Awarded £5,000.00


MNWB Vehicle Replacement Programme
Annual contribution £39,000.00

MNWB & Trinity House – Recognition to Carers

MNWB – Port Visitor Platform
Annual contribution £40,000.00

MNWB, DfT and The Seafarers’ Charity – MiFi project
Annual contribution £4,500.00

Maritime Charities Group
Annual contribution £10,000.00

Merchant Navy Medal
Annual Contribution £100.00

MNWB & Trinity House – Ukrainian Seafarers’ Emergency Communication Fund
Grant awarded £5,000.00