Personal Safety at Work Course

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This is a one day course designed to provide training and advice on how to reduce risks to personal safety when working alone. This course is particularly suitable for those organisations whose staff visit people in their own homes.

Course Aim

The course aims to explore the issues of Personal Safety at Work and through proactive, practical strategies help individuals and the organisation to reduce their specific risks and improve the safety of their staff.

Course Objectives

  • Raised awareness of the importance of personal safety at work, including the legal perspective.
  • Exploration of specific concerns that the group may face achieving a balanced approach to risk.
  • Gaining insight in to best practice guidance for strategic approaches to reducing and controlling Personal Safety risks
  • Development of individual practical skills and strategies and the confidence to avoid or manage situations that may threaten staff’s personal safety at work
  • Gaining knowledge about the effects of violence or aggression at work to allow the organisation to take measures to support staff and fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Production of Personal Action Plans that individuals can adopt to help keep themselves safe.
  • Summary of action points for the organisation to implement to help manage Personal Safety at work.

Course Programme

Course Dates 

Courses arranged upon request.

Course Logistics

This is a one day course which can be held at a regional venue or MNWB’s head office. Please contact if you would like to host this course in your workplace.

Course Funding

  • The Board will cover all course fees
  • The Board will not normally cover any travel or accommodation expenses

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For further information please contact Helen van Gass, Training Manager on 02380 337799 or via e-mail

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