Bereavement Awareness Course

Course Outline
This is a course aimed at those staff and volunteer members of Constituent Charities such as caseworkers and Port Chaplains that work directly with people that may have been affected by bereavement.

Course Aim
This course will introduce you to some of the current thinking in the field of bereavement care in several different situations.  It aims to sharpen the abilities and gifts you already have as well as give you the resources needed to help you to enhance this vitally important aspect of your work.

Course Objectives
  • What is Bereavement?
  • How Can I Help & Who Else Can Help?
  • Journey to a Good Death
  • Unexpected Death
  • A Child Bereaved
  • A Parent Bereaved

Course Funding
  • The Board will cover all course fees
  • The Board will cover all accommodation costs (Constituent Member delegates only)
  • The Board will fund up to £20 per person, per day for dinner (Constituent Member delegates only)
  • The Board will reimburse reasonable travel costs (Constituent Member delegates only)
For further information please contact Helen Van Gass,Training Manager on 02380 337799 or via e-mail
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