International Seafarer Resources - Outside UK

Non-UK Seafarers & Fishers outside the UK

Port Welfare Information

There are non-commercial welfare services dedicated to seafarers in around 450 ports worldwide.  These are usually run by non-profit organisations for the benefit of visiting seafarers. The following services and directories give information on port welfare services around the world:


Provides a search facility for seafarers to find services in over 400 ports around the world. Use this or contact  SeafarerHelp  direct to ask for information or to arrange assistance.

Shore Leave App

Download this app for details of seafarers’ centres and ship welfare visitors around the world listed by port. Developed by IFT Seafarers.

Port Visitor

The Port Visitor platform has been created to act as a directory of port facilities for seafarers and to enable port communities to review and improve the port welfare services they offer.

Join Port Visitor today.

Seafarers’ Centres & ITF

ITF Seafarers  – covers seafarers’ issues, health, and rights. Also available as an  app  for smartphone.

ICMA  The International Christian Maritime Association (  ICMA  ) lists organisations that work with seafarers for their welfare in different countries around the world. It includes the ‘chat to a chaplain’ service. Good for research into services in specific countries for the benefit of seafarers and their families.

Ship arrest, repatriation, unpaid wages  

SRI Information on ship arrest

SCI’s Center for Mariner Advocacy (CMA), formerly the Center for Seafarers’ Rights (CSR), is recognized worldwide as a leading advocate for merchant mariners. The Center provides free legal assistance to seafarers and chaplains.

Arrested and detained vessels, and abandoned seafarers – publication

Repatriation information from  ISWAN  and  SRI

Seafarers Rights International  Fact files  – on using lawyers, abandonment, maritime liens and ship arrest

Unpaid wages advice from the  ITF

Unpaid wages advice from  ISWAN

Abandonment, Bullying & Harassment, Contactual Issues

If you face any of these issues and have not successfully dealt with them through your employer, SeafarerHelp is a good place to start to find help and further information, and local assistance. ITF and missions can also be contacted directly for information and support if you have their contact details.


Bullying & harassment 

Contractual issues

Seafarers Health & Wellbeing

Seafarers’ Health information Programme  – twelve topics covered including mental health, dental, fitness, healthy eating, and managing diet.

Relaxation at Sea  – an audio relaxation exercise and controlled breathing exercise

Feeling low?    Access to information about sleeping well at sea, stress and mental health

Seafarers affected by piracy

Refugee Rescue Crisis  – papers from the ICS to assist seafarers dealing with refugee rescue


Maritime jobs – many different sites exist where jobs in maritime are advertised. This list from  Marine Insight  in November 2019 lists 36 of them.

The Seafarers’ Charter (Detailed Requirements), which was put in place last year by Department for Transport, is a voluntary agreement that shipowners can sign up to.

Seeking employment  – access to approved manning agencies lists for Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Ukraine

The International Chamber of Shipping provides a list of  National Careers Contacts  in 32 different countries via their member shipowners organisations

Financial Assistance

ISWAN Relief Funds – small grants funds for seafarers and their families in need