National Seafarers’ Welfare Board Forum

National Seafarers’ Welfare Boards coordinate seafarers’ welfare within a state and, where appropriate, its dependencies. The role of a NSWB is to ensure that working, domiciled and visiting seafarers are provided with the highest standard of welfare provision within available resources. NSWBs are encouraged in States with significant ports and numerous associated local Welfare Boards exist or are planned to be created.

MNWB is the UK’s National Seafarers’ Welfare Board and has provided support and oversight for local port welfare boards/committees since its formation in 1948. We want to promote the establishment of welfare boards around the world in support of the MLC 2006 and ILO C188 Work in Fishing Convention.

If you have a National Seafarers’ Welfare Board in your country, or if you are considering setting one up, please sign up to join the NWSB Forum so that we can share experiences and ideas for improving the welfare of seafarers and fishers.

Members will receive a bi-monthly newsletter and be invited to join a quarterly online meeting to discuss challenges, provide advice and share ideas.

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