New resources for crews and their support system

A new-look Wellness at Sea Awareness Campaign for seafarers, their families and shore staff that “the seafaring community has been crying out for” is being launched by international maritime welfare charity Sailors’ Society.

This free resource is available to shipping companies looking to give crews and the wider maritime family that support them vital tools to help look after their own wellbeing and that of those around them.

Stuart Rivers, CEO of MNWB, which is the umbrella charity for the UK Merchant Navy serving 45 constituent members including Sailors’ Society, said:

“A campaign of this nature is something the seafaring community has been crying out for.

“And while there are many resources available for seafarers, this project goes further by offering a plethora of support to their families and those at shore through the cost-of-living crisis.

“Mental health and wellbeing are the biggest challenges seafarers face and, as an industry, we need to keep working with new initiatives like this to help break down the barriers, so seafarers are able to talk.

“We are delighted for the launch of this project and look forward to seeing it thrive.”

The Awareness Campaign has been taken up by more than 70 organisations over the past two years, but has been refreshed and expanded with new material, podcasts and videos, thanks to funding support from the MNWB.

Nine modules cover everything from physical and mental wellness to financial concerns and everyday fears such as piracy. Each module has easy-to-digest information and tips in comic strips, posters and new ‘huddles,’ which are discussion points to further explore each topic

Sailors’ Society’s Head of Wellness, Johan Smith, said:

“We all know that being away at sea can be tough. But those working in offices supporting shipping operations and those waiting for seafarers back home also face challenges. Working together, the whole ecosystem of seafarer, family and shore staff can support one another.

“This Awareness Campaign is packed with resources and signposts users to all the other support services we offer from our 24/7 helpline and Crisis Response Network to our free e-learning platform and Peer-to-Peer Support Groups, where thousands of seafarers and families are sharing experiences and advice.

“We are very proud to bring groups together as they understand best of all what one another is going through. This support is so vital for wellbeing, for safety and for a company’s bottom line.”

Sailors’ Society is launching its Awareness Campaign in the week it holds its first cadet conference for UK maritime schools and seafarers (Thursday November 9).

To sign up for the Awareness Campaign simply email Johan Smith at