Healthy engagement for ambassador project

The Merchant Navy Welfare Board’s (MNWB) Ambassador’s Programme has undergone a series of productive visits this year.

The project launched earlier this year as a 12-month pilot initiative to shine the light on MNWB as the National Seafarers’ Welfare Board and the umbrella organisation for the UK’s maritime charities sector.

The Southampton-based charity has four ambassadors – Alèxe Finlay, Jerry Drewitt, Martin Phipps and Neil Atkinson – who spearhead the outreach project.

So far, the ambassadors, who are well-known in the maritime sector, have visited several of the Board’s constituent members including Erskine Hospital, Nautilus Welfare Fund, Royal Liverpool Seaman’s Orphan Institution, Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation, Whitby Merchant Seaman’s Hospital Houses and most recently Broughton House.

Alèxe Finlay and Jerry Drewitt visited Broughton House Veterans’ Home last month. Broughton House is a residential and nursing care home situated in Salford that has been caring for the ex-service community since 1916. It provides staff with skills, experience, and understands a vision for the journey of their residents and visitors, and for the ongoing development of the home. It holds a strong culture and ethos and one the Board is proud to support.

These visits have enabled the ambassadors to showcase and promote the work of the MNWB while listening to the views of its constituents.

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