C 188 - Work in Fishing Convention

About the course

Following the UK Government’s ratification of C188 The Merchant Navy Welfare Board are pleased to be able to offer C188 Work in Fishing Convention as in Person Training.

Course Aim

The desired outcome of the training is to improve the knowledge and understanding of the contents of C188 by those who work with fishers so that they can provide meaningful advice to fishers on such matters as the fishers work agreements etc., deal with complaints about fishers working and living conditions and ensure that there is a degree of consistency in the advice given by Ship Visitors.

Course Dates & Times

Registration 9.30 am – ( Lunch included) Duration 4 hrs.

Dates :Tuesday 10th January & Tuesday 17th January

Further courses arranged upon request.

Course Logistics

Venue: The Merchant Navy Welfare Board , 8 Cumberland Place, Southampton SO15 2BH

Course Funding – Covered in full by the Board.