MNWB Annual Award for Services to Seafarers' Welfare

Since 1988, the MNWB has awarded an 'Annual Award for Services to Seafarers' Welfare' to individuals who have provided an exceptional level of welfare service to seafarers and fishers, either in a voluntary or professional capacity. Nominees must have a history of making a positive and proactive contribution to the welfare of seafarers over a period of time and must be nominated by a Constituent member organisation. Nominations for the award should be forwarded, in confidence, to the Chief Executive, MNWB via the Award Nomination Form below. Selection of the award winner/s is made by the MNWB Council.

2021 Mr Jake Pass

2020 Ms Jane Davies

2020 Mr John Attenborough

2019 Revd Peter Paine (middle)

2018 - Mrs Ina Bruce

2018 - Mr Alwyn Bamford (left)

2017 - Miss Alexe Finlay

2016 - Revd Frans Sehetapy (left)

2015 - Miss Dianne Erskine

Mr Jake Pass, The Mission to Seafarers, Humber

Ms Jane Davies, Mariners' Park Care Home and Nautilus Care
Mr John Attenborough, The   Mission to Seafarers, Southampton


Revd Peter Paine, The   Mission to Seafarers, Great Yarmouth.

Mrs Ina Bruce, The Watch Ashore, Glasgow
Mr Alwyn Bamford, The   Mission to seafarers, Port Talbot

Miss Alexe Finlay, The   Mission to Seafarers, South Tees

Revd Frans Sahetapy, Sailors' Society
Mrs Susan Newcombe, Merchant Navy Welfare Board

Mr Drew Anderson, Sailors' Society/Church of Scotland
Superintendent Keith Dickson, The   Fishermen's Mission, Newlyn
Miss Dianne Erskine, The Mission to Seafarers, South Shields

Revd Howard Drysdale,
Aberdeen Seafarers' Centre
Mr Tony McAvoy,
Apostleship of the Sea, Teesside


Mrs Elaine Elliott, The Mission to Seafarers, Fowey
Mr Frank Welsh, RMT

Mrs Penny Phillips, The Mission to Seafarers, Falmouth

Superintendent Geoff Chandler, The   Fishermen's Mission
Mr Robert Goldwin MBE, Mediterranean Mission to Seafarers

Mr Trevor Goacher, MSWMS Springbok
Mrs Helen Roth, Nautilus Welfare Fund

Reverend Canon Bill Christianson, The Mission to Seafarers
Mrs Gladys Eaton, The Mission to Seafarers

2014 - Mr Tony McAvoy (right)

2014 - Revd Howard Drysdale (right)

2013 - Mrs Elaine Elliott

2012 - Mrs Penny Phillips

2011 - Mr Robert Goldwin MBE (centre)

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