We look forward to welcoming you aboard

We are pleased that you are considering becoming a Member of MNWB and we look forward to working in close collaboration with you to improve and extend welfare services for seafarers, fishers, and their dependants, in line with MNWB’s mission, values and ethos.

Our Commitment to our Constituent Members

We want to make sure that our Constituent Members feel supported by MNWB, and we will always welcome feedback on how we can improve our current services.  We will ensure the following:

  • A welcome meeting and induction day to introduce you to the Board and its team and identify any ongoing support you feel your organisation may need from us.
  • A commitment to continuously improve our services by listening to our Constituent members while also assessing the ever-changing maritime welfare charity landscape so that we can offer the right support.
  • Collaborative working with MNWB and its Constituent members to share ideas and information and to make a collective impact – on the ground or at government level.

As an MNWB Constituent Member we ask your commitment to us includes:

  • Attendance at relevant MNWB Working Groups and Conferences.
  • Engagement with MNWB and its Constituent members, working collaboratively and to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Participation in MNWB surveys, evaluations, and research projects.
  • Feedback to MNWB on how we can improve our services to Constituents to improve the lives of seafarers and raise welfare standards.

Membership Application

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