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The Board operates the Seafarer Support website and Freephone Helpline for the entire maritime charity sector (Merchant Navy, Royal Navy and fishing fleet). Serving and retired Merchant Navy personnel and their dependants are encouraged to visit the new Seafarer Support website www.seafarersupport.org , which signposts those who may need help or advice to the maritime charities best suited to help. The new website, redesigned by the Merchant Navy Welfare Board, boasts the latest technology with AI search facilities and a live chatbot facility to enable users to communicate directly with the welfare team. For those who prefer to speak to someone in person, or who seek further information that is not available online, Seafarer Support has a Freephone helpline (0800 121 4675). Trained staff are available during office hours to direct them to the many charities and organisations waiting to help.

The innovative website helps online users from any background search and directly contact one or more of over 150 maritime charities that are standing by to offer support. If you know of any UK seafarer that may need help during these difficult times then please ask them to visit www.seafarersupport.org

Download a copy of the Seafarer Support leaflet.
Download a copy of the Seafarer Support poster.

Funeral Advice & Costs

Please click here to download a copy of "Remembering those left behind - a guide to making wills, considering funeral arrangements and finding other sources of help".

Please click here to download details of the state funded Bereavement Payment and Funeral Payment.

Seafarer Support: 0800 121 4765

Red Ensign Coffin Drape

The Red Ensign (or "Red Duster" as it is occasionally known) is a flag that originated in the early 17th century as a British ensign flown by the Royal Navy and was later adopted specifically by British merchantmen to be flown as the civil ensign of the British merchant fleet.

A funeral is a sad and hard time for those who are parting with their friends, family or loved one. We are able to loan you the Red Ensign flag for you to use to drape over the coffin. We are able to post to yourself or the funeral director, and ask for you to return the flag as soon as possible to us.

We only ask for a small donation to cover the cost of postage.

Contact enquiries@mnwb.org.uk or call 02380 337799

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