Course Provider : Freedom Training and Consultancy

Course Outline
This course has been designed for welfare support staff whose role it is to offer guidance and welfare support to merchant seafarers and their dependents in the UK. Suitable for staff and volunteers who meet with people face to face or on the telephone.

Course Aim
To assist all delegates in feeling confident answering all types of calls, use effective listening/counselling skills and to understand who they can signpost or refer a person to that will best suit their needs.

Course Objectives
• Understand the role of seafarer support services
• The difference between signposting and referral services
• Self-reflection, personal skills and qualities needed to support others
• Counselling skills (telephone and face to face)
• Effective listening and communication skills
• What not to say – negative communication
• Asking the right types of questions
• Dealing with disclosure
• Practice counselling session 

Course Programme

Course Dates for 2019

Courses arranged upon request.

Course Logistics
This is a one day course being held at The Merchant Navy Welfare Board offices  in Southampton.

Course Funding

The Board will cover all administration costs but not travel and accommodation expenses for this course, except in exceptional circumstances.  These circumstances would need to be discussed with our Deputy Chief Executive.

For further information please contact Helen van Gass Training Manager on 02380337799 or via e-mail

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