profile of scared young girl leaning against a wall, hair covering her face to promote safeguarding course

Advanced Safeguarding Course

About the course

Updated and presented by SHELTER

Course Aim

• To give an overview of safeguarding responsibilities for anyone who may come across abuse, trafficking and exploitation, child sexual exploitation, extremism and radicalisation, domestic and honour based violence, female genital mutilation and other safeguarding issues such as self-neglect, self-harm and suicidal ideology.
• To develop delegates knowledge of their role in safeguarding children, young people and Adults within UK legislation.
• To provide the knowledge required to thoroughly understand the detailed categories of abuse and to recognise the signs of abuse and develop an understanding of how to respond appropriately and legally to suspected or alleged abuse.

Course Objectives

  • The history of safeguarding in Britain- why we are where we are today!
  • What is safeguarding in the maritime world?
  • Legislation that underpins safeguarding in the UK
  • Your safeguarding policies and how they support you
  • Roles, responsibility and accountability (yours, and maritime support services)
  • Detailed categories of abuse understanding definitions, signs and symptoms
  • Reporting a concern – a legal responsibility including overseas
  • Confidentiality and information sharing including overseas
  • Record keeping and report writing
  • Dealing with disclosure

Course Dates 

Courses arranged upon request.

Course Logistics

This is a one day course which can be held at a regional venue or MNWB’s head office. Please contact if you would like to host this course in your workplace.

Course Funding

The Board will cover all administration costs but not travel and accommodation expenses for this course, except in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances would need to be discussed with our Deputy Chief Executive.