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"Life at Sea: Working together in times of crisis"

Posted on 16th January 2019

On Wednesday 16th January our Chairman Capt. Andrew Cassels attended the launch of Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) charity report ‘Life at Sea: Working together in times of crisis’ the charity hope the two key points people will take away from the report is that seafarers having a friend at port is still vitally important as it means if the seafarer is having issues they’ll be able to discuss them. The other point is how AoS provide; practical, emotional and pastoral care to seafarers when tragedy strikes.

The report covers issues seafarers face such as; hospitalisation, assault and bullying, death at sea, piracy, abandonment, stress and mental health problems, non-payment of wages and refusal of shore leave.

Guests included a wide range from the maritime sector and speakers made a point of stressing the importance of seafarers and fishermen welfare and rights.

To view the AoS Life at Sea report, please see; Apostle of the sea report

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