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Guild of Benevolence

Posted on 7th July 2021

The Guild was established in 1912, by the Institute in co-operation with the Daily Chronicle, to support the dependants of the 35 marine engineers on the RMS Titanic, all of whom perished whilst maintaining electrical power, keeping the lights on and enabling radio distress calls to be transmitted until moments before the ship sank.  Following the First World War, the Guild was expanded to include all certificated marine engineers globally, and more recently it has continued to evolve to support all certificated maritime engineers, scientists and technologists.

The Guild is funded via an investment portfolio as well as legacy beneficiaries. Donations are also received from member subscriptions as well as adhoc contributions through our JustGiving page and our link with Amazon Smile.

The Guild provides assistance to persons who qualify under its rules by, for example:-

  • Making regular grants to supplement a very low income

  • Helping with shortfalls in reasonable nursing home fees

  • Making single lump sum grants to assist in the purchase of costly items that are essential for the recipient's wellbeing

  • Assisting with the cost of essential home repairs

  • Assisting with essential and reasonable funeral expenses in excess of any state contribution.

  • Assisting with costs of respite care

  •  Assisting with debt relief

Who qualifies for help?

  • Past and present members of The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) or of The Guild of Benevolence

  • Marine engineers who possess, or have possessed, Certificates of Competency or Certificates of Service issued by the relevant governmental department or agency, or equivalent qualifications

  • The wives, husbands, widows, widowers, dependent children or other dependent relatives of any person qualifying under any of the above categories.

Get in touch now to find out how we could support you.

COVID-19 - The Guild has put in place the means to rapidly process applications and give assistance to those in need.

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