MNWB’s Ambassadors’ Programme underway

Posted on 10th May 2022

The Merchant Navy Welfare Board’s (MNWB) ambitious new outreach programme that is designed to promote the profile and the work of the Board is underway.

The MNWB Ambassadors’ Programme is being run by four high-profile maritime volunteers - Neil Atkinson, Jerry Drewitt, Alèxe Finlay and Martin Phipps – who will undertake a programme of visits to charities within the maritime sector. Many of whom are constituent members of the Board.

Visits have already taken place, with Neil Atkinson meeting with the Royal Navy Merchant Education Foundation and most recently, Alèxe and Jerry meeting with Whitby Merchant Seamen’s Hospital Houses - a charity that has provided accommodation for seafaring families over 60 years of age.

The Society’s accommodation, pictured above, dates from the 19th century and has 20 cottages/bungalows, varying in age and design. Properties are kept up to government housing standards and updates can cost significant five figure sums, particularly where EPC ratings are given.

After meeting with the charity’s trustees, the MNWB ambassadors have identified a number of areas that the Board can help the charity with.

During the ambassadors’ visits over the next 12 months, they will deliver presentations on the work of the Board and how it can better support its constituents as part of the initiative.

The programme is part of the Board shining a light on its work as the National Seafarers’ Welfare Board and the umbrella organisation for the UK’s maritime charities sector, many of whom are constituent members of the MNWB.

For more information about the ambassadors, click here

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