Defence Medical Welfare Service win Charity of the Year

Posted on 10th May 2021

Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) have been awarded Charity of the Year at the South West Business and Community Awards. The award recognises the work delivered by DMWS in the South of England supporting the armed forces, veterans, police officers, The Merchant Navy and their families and carers.

The judging panel credited the work of DMWS for being quick to diversify during the Covid-19 pandemic, remaining agile and linking in with many local and community support services and achieving positive outcomes for people in great need.

With over 1,000 nominations and 83 entries in the Charity of the Year category this is a significant achievement for DMWS.

Paul Waite, Chief Executive, Aspen Waite and South West Business and Community Awards judge:

“What a fantastic charity Defence Medical Welfare Service is. It provided much needed support to a variety of the UK’s services. Moving their service online, doing doorstep drops of care and medical packages stopping vulnerable people from being isolated during Covid-19.”

Jess Liston, Regional Manager for the South of England, DMWS:

“DMWS have remained operational throughout the pandemic, I am incredibly proud of my team and the service they have delivered in the South of England, they have been there for people when they needed help the most. To win Charity of the Year award is a fantastic achievement and I am very happy that the work being delivered has been recognised.”

The DMWS projects are supported in the south of England by a number of grants including funding from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, The Police Federation, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund, The Army Central Fund and the Merchant Navy Welfare Fund.

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