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MNWB Supply MiFi Unit And Emergency Grant To Seafarers Stuck At Cruise Terminal

Posted on 19th March 2020

The Board was informed of a situation in London- Tilbury where a number of seafarers were in need of assistance following their flights being cancelled.

Due to the current situation around the coronavirus COVID-19 , seafarers’ and shipping companies have been left in a difficult position of trying to maintain business as usual while also having to take into account the safety and risks their crews are having to face.

After being informed about the situation by the QVSR London-Tilbury Seafarer Centre the MNWB supplied their team with another MiFi unit which those seafarers who are unable to re-arrange flights or come out of their ship’s quarantine will be able to use in order to contact loved ones back home as well as services they may need to acquire (such as re-arranging flights).

The MNWB also supplied QVSR with a £500 emergency grant which is to be used in order to help those seafarers in need of support during this difficult time.

QVSR is currently working with the Harbour Master and the Cruise terminal CEO in order to make sure the seafarers receive the help and support they need.

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