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Our Team Test Out A New Training Course

Posted on 10th January 2020

On Wednesday 8th January 2020 our team participated in TD Consultancy’s Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training.

The course covered the current drug situation in the UK, different types of drugs and routes of use, what kind of effects, signs and symptoms those drugs have, both physical and mental health implications of drug use, and what effective support and treatment can be recommended.

Our team felt the course to be very interesting and enjoyed the range of discussion bought on by certain discoveries made during the course as well as a (not competitive in any way) team quiz which focused on misconceptions/myths of certain drugs.

The course also covered issues relating to alcohol such as binge drinking, the affects it has for on physical and mental health as well as on work and personal life.

Though broadening the team’s knowledge isn’t the only reason they took part in the training, they also partook in it to see if it would be an ideal course for our constituent members.

The Board supplies a range of training courses (which can be found under ‘What We Do’ at the top of the page) to our constituent members. 

After testing out the Drug and Alcohol Awareness course and finding it to be relevant and useful the decision has been made to add it as a future training course (date to be determined).

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