Substance Misuse Awareness Course

Course Outline
This course is designed to advise all those personnel who may come into contact with people affected by drug and alcohol problems.  This covers the effects on the individual (as well as the wider implications for their friends and families), recognising signs of abuse, confidentiality, referrals and legislation.  It is available to staff and volunteers of the Board’s Constituent Charities and from its Port Welfare Committees.

Course Aim
The course aims to provide a basic knowledge and awareness for those who work in agencies who may have a client base that includes substance misusers.

Course Objectives
  • Categorisation of substances misused and their effects
  • What are the patterns of use that we often see
  • When we see that people are damaging themselves, what sort of interventions are available
  • Where are these interventions available locally and what are the obstacles to people using them (to include stereotyping)
  • What can we achieve and what are the pointers to Good Practice for the group
Course Programme

Course Dates for 2019
Courses are arranged upon request.

Course Logistics
This is a one day course organised usually within seafarers’ centres and residential homes.

Course Funding
  • The Board will cover all course fees
  • The Board will not normally cover any travel or accommodation expenses
For further information please contact Helen Van Gass, Training Manager on 02380 337799 or via e-mail
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